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Individual Healing Audios

Using your breath, and intention, you can quite literally turn down the pain signals.

Did you know that was even possible?

Using the reset breath, we can calm your nervous system, and start turning down the pain signals in your brain. 

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Are you frustrated at your body? Frustrated by being in pain? Frustrated because you can not live the way you would like. 

The fastest way to stay stuck in pain is to resent pain and be frustrated at your body. 

What if you could see that the pain you are experiencing is a true gift, here to help you slow down, and transform personally? 

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This audio will help you to release any stored emotions that have been weighing you down.

Your emotions are like rocks in your backpack. Each time you take a rock out, you lighten the load on your body and your mind. 

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This is a guided meditation is specifically for those who have tried 'everything' to reduce weight.

This audio will help you feel safe, connected, secure, and a deep sense of belonging which is the underlying emotional conflicts that results in weight gain. This audio is going to help you reprogram your subconscious mind to no longer respond to the past dangers and threats. 

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Are you particularly hard on yourself?

Do you have an inner voice that is critical and judgemental of you?

This audio process is designed to replace that inner critic with a supportive and loving inner voice so that you can move through life with more ease. 

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Fearful of your pain, your pain getting worse, or in fear you'll never get better. Are you fearful that your body is broken or forever failing you?

This helps you quickly shift out of fear and reduces the amount of pain you feel. By eliminating the fears associated with your pain, you can start healing much quicker.

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