When You Heal Your MIND Your BODY Will Follow

Helping people struggling with pain and chronic illnesses to heal from the inside out by clearing the Emotional Blocks in their minds.

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 Heal Your MIND And Your BODY Will Follow

Helping people struggling with pain and chronic illnesses to heal by clearing the Emotional Blocks in their mind. 

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Have you tried everything to heal?

Massages, physical therapy, adjustments, acupuncture, supplements, weird devices, energy work, ice baths...the list goes on.  

You have probably tried a number of these treatments, right?

You have probably spent thousands of dollars on specialist appointments, treatments, and supplements.
But if you are reading these words, you are most likely no better off…

… still dealing with debilitating and frustrating health conditions. 

Problems that impact your work, disrupt your sleep, leave you exhausted, and take you from living an active lifestyle to a sedentary lifestyle.

Problems that make you give up your hobbies - and create rifts in your relationships. 

So why have these traditional techniques not worked for you?

Because they are not addressing the root cause of your problem...

Your Body Is Communicating With You

Pain and illness are signals that something must change in your life, that you are of course. Traditional healthcare sees pain as a problem, we see it as an opportunity for you to grow and evolve. 

The Problem Is Not Always Physical

10 years ago, I was dealing with recurring back pain and a groin tear. 

It lasted MONTHS. I had to stop exercising even surfing. 

I tried everything to fix it. As a chiropractor, it was particularly embarrassing that I could not help myself. Especially because I had all the best healing tools at my disposal. 

At this time I met a mentor who taught me that Emotional Blocks & Stress can prevent the body from healing. 

Much like how blocks in a river stop the natural flow and cause stagnation and disease...

...Emotional Blocks in your mind can cause pain and dis-ease in the body. 

You can do all the traditional healing in the world, but if you do not address this emotional element, you will continue to struggle. 

Finding and removing these Emotional Blocks is how you heal your body, and restore your natural flow. 

When I was able to release the Emotional Blocks causing my back and groin pain I was able to heal, quickly.

Clearing these Emotional Blocks & fixing your stress is how you can speed up your healing time, and reconnect with yourself. Letting go of what is no longer serving you, and help you evolve personally. 

My mission in life is to help you clear these blocks so you can heal your body and mind, all from the inside out. 

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Your Body Is Perfectly Capable Of Healing Itself

You just need to clear the Emotional Blocks to restore harmony in your body.

What are people saying?

"Jake's work helped me understand a whole new level of injury. The mental side. Why did I randomly get injured doing such a minimal movement? The mind is so powerful and can be tricky. Jake helped me heal my emotional trauma which in turn helped me heal my hip."


- Koa Smith
Professional Surfer

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The first step in healing your body is to find the specific Emotional Blocks that are causing your symptoms. This is different for everyone. These blocks hide in the depths your subconscious mind. It is most likely something you don't think about anymore. 


Once we have found the Emotional Blocks causing your symptoms, you must clear them. This process requires you to lean into the somatic feeling of the emotional block. Here I will use various meditation processes to help you heal. 


Once the emotional block has been cleared from your mind and body, it is time for you to learn the 'lesson' from this event. Your symptoms are here to show you where you are 'of course' healing requires a new way of thinking and living your life. 

"Your symptoms are a blessing, here to redirect you when you are off your life's path."

Your Healing Guide

Dr. Jake Currie (Ba. HSc. chiro, M.Clin.Chiro) Chiropractor
Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, German New Medicine Practitioner & Teacher,
Creator of Mind Body Therapy

Jake Currie is here to help you heal, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. His mission in life is to help you clear the Emotional Blocks in your mind that cause disease and dissatisfaction. 

Growing up Jake dealt with many significant injuries, including fracturing his spine playing football. This prompted him to study chiropractic and learn how to heal the body. 

Throughout his chiropractic career, he continued to deal with regular injuries that wouldn't improve under conventional modalities. This led him to discover the science of German New Medicine (GNM). A unique health perspective that understands that unresolved emotional blocks manifest physically in the body. 

Learning this work, coupled with studying many other mind-based healing modalities helped Jake to finally heal a lifetime of injuries. 

In 2018, Jake left his chiropractic practice in Noosa Heads to follow this new healing path. Since then he has formulated an internationally accredited healing modality called Mind Body Therapy.

Mind Body Therapy is a form of modern hypnotherapy designed to 'release' stored emotional stress from the body. 

Jake lives on the Sunshine Coast, QLD with his beautiful wife Jaz, their son Charles, and their two dogs Buddy and Flo. He loves surfing, Crossfit, and keeping fit. His weaknesses are drinking too much coffee, having 100 tabs open on his browser at once, and half-reading books. 

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