When You Heal Your MIND Your BODY Will Follow

I help people who are struggling with pain or other chronic illnesses (who have tried all the traditional methods) to heal from the inside out by finding the root emotional issue. 

Your Introduction: The Pain Free Process

Have you have tried everything to heal?


Chances are if you are reading this, you have 'tried everything' to heal. Every supplement, physical therapy, treatment, diet, healing gadgets...the works. But if you are like most people, you are still struggling physically.

I am here to tell you that the real reason your symptoms have not changed is that most of the traditional methods of healing you have tried focus only on the physical, ignoring the stressful and emotionally distressing events you have experienced in your life. 

Becoming a Mind Body Master is about understanding the links between your symptoms and the stressful events that caused them, learning how to resolve these emotionally charged issues, and create new pathways in your brain for a new future.

This is how you can heal yourself and become emotionally resilient at the same time. 

The Mind Body Masters signature program has helped people to reclaim their health, vitality, and to feel more in alignment all from the inside out. The doors for the program will open again in August 2021, join the waitlist to be a part of this group. Numbers are strictly limited.  

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Become a Mind Body Method Practitioner today and learn to implement German New Medicine into your business for greater success with your clients.

Whether you are a coach, a chiropractor, a hypnotist, or a massage therapist the most effective way to grow your business is by helping your clients get great results. 

Without this one ingredient, your business will be a struggle. 

For those patients that 'nothing has worked' GNM offers a new perspective to the origins of their problem, and guides you to find the root emotional cause making healing a breeze. 

Or for those clients who are 'stuck' and getting in their own way, GNM provides insights into their emotional blocks.

Every symptom a person experiences a unique insight into their mind and psyche. GNM gives you the ability to learn the meaning of these symptoms and be able to help your clients heal both physically and emotionally. 

After running a successful chiropractic practice, as well as an online consulting business Jake Currie knows how to implement this work for great client success. 

If you want to incorporate GNM into your business (or create a business) this mentorship program is designed to help you make this transition seamlessly. 

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How You Can Start Healing Today

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Free Masterclass

In this training you will see how traditional methods of healing have failed you and will continue to fail you until you look at the real cause of your physical pain. I introduce the Process I use with my 1:1 clients to help them find the emotional cause of their pain.

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The Pain Free Process

(Self-paced course)

This step-by-step 13 video course is your introduction to the science of how unresolved emotional baggage is the REAL cause of physical pain.  All this so you can heal yourself without spending thousands of dollars on constant physical therapy and supplements.

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Mind Body Masters™ Program

My signature immersive and transformative 6-week group coaching program to help you understand your mind-body connection, resolve your old emotional baggage, and ditch the stress so you can heal from the inside out and live a healthy inspired life. 

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1:1 Coaching

Discover the emotional stressors in your life that are causing your physical symptoms. In this 1:1 session Jake will help you to uncover the specific stressors in your mind that are causing your symptoms, and coach you to see these events from a new perspective so you can heal from the inside out. 

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Book Your 1:1 Consult With Jake 

"If you have tried everything to heal, this is the last consult you will need."

If you are like most of the clients that Jake has worked with 1:1, the reason you are still struggling with your health is not from a lack of trying. 

All of the traditional therapies in the world can't help resolve an issue that has started in the mind from a stressful event.

In this personalized 1:1 virtual session, Jake will help you to uncover the specific emotional conflicts in your life that are causing your body to adapt using the science that is GNM. 

You will be expertly guided on how you can release the emotional baggage from the past responsible for your symptoms.

The result is your body can start to heal from the inside out, and your mind can finally feel calm and present. 

To book your time simply click the link below to be direct to Jake's calendar. The fee for a 1:1 session is $500US and the consult will last 90 minutes. 

For most clients, 1 session is all that is required.

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The Mind Body Masters™ Framework For Self Healing

Learn how you can implement this framework so that you heal from the inside out and clear your old emotional baggage. The Mind Body Masters Program will show you how! 
Mind Body Masters Program

1. Learn The Language Of Your Subconscious Mind

Every physical symptom has a hidden meaning. Learn to discover the emotional cause of physical aliments so that you can do laser-focused inner work. 

2. Resolve Your Emotional Baggage

In order to move forward, you must first resolve the baggage of the past that has been weighing you down. 

3. New Neural Pathways

Sustainable and meaningful change requires you to create new neural pathways in your brain which support your vision. 

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Heal your MIND and your BODY will follow

Helping 100's find the missing link to their pain

Prior to seeing Jake I had constant pelvic pain (since my pregnancy nearly 4 years prior) and neck pain that had been on and off for about 6 months. I regularly saw a Physio for relief (but it would always return) and had massages every 2-4 weeks to manage the pain and discomfort. After my session with Jake, the pain nearly completely disappeared. Over the next few days it was gone. It has now been over 2 months and for the first time in years I am no longer dealing with pelvic pain that has always haunted me. I'm no longer waking up every other week with a 'bad neck'. I have so much more energy and vibrancy. I am now easily exercising daily. The pain I had was always such a physical and mental block. It's so amazing to be free of it.

Jayne G

I spent thousands of dollars chasing someone or something to cure me. The thing was… none of it worked.

Nothing shifted until Jake taught me about the emotional connection to physical pain in the body. The part I was resisting with all my might was the very thing that allowed me to finally begin to heal. Once Jake helped me identify patterns and release the emotions that triggered the pain, my body responded and I felt such amazing relief almost instantly.

Brittany B

So basically my body pain is entirely gone, and I mean entirely.  I was on the right path to healing my pain before, but now its legit gone! Random pains pop up here and there and I resolve them sometimes instantly with this new information you gave me.  I can now explain so many things in my own life, my kids lives and my family members.

In addition to that, my marriage has improved on so many levels since joining.  I no longer spend all my energy on fixing myself or my fear of pain.

Jennifer N

As chiropractors, we are taught that the body has an amazing innate ability to heal itself. That it is never broken, it is simply adapting and healing. I believed that with every fibre of my being, and yet, I was quietly losing faith, feeling hopeless, because no matter what I did, I could not seem to heal a chronic rib injury. As a chiropractor, the irony of the situation was not lost on me. Then one evening I bent over to take off my shoes, and my back went into full spasm causing pain to shoot down my leg. I had to go to work the next and here I was bearly able to get out of bed. Out of desperation, I booked in a session Jake. We worked through the GNM process and less than 30 minutes later, my pain had dropped from 8/10 to a 2/10. My mind was blown.

Laura H

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Heal Your Mind And Your Body Will Follow

Most traditional methods and techniques to get you out of pain fail, because they focus on the symptoms, not the cause. The Mind Body Masters program is going to teach you how to resolve the real cause, your emotional 'baggage' so that you can finally get the results you know are possible.

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Begin to understand the power your body has to heal itself. The Mind Body Masters™ Podcast discusses the links between unresolved emotional issues and problems in the body. 

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