We help business owners overcome their  'unexplained' health conditions so they can show up in business & maximize their impact.

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We help business owners overcome their  'unexplained' health conditions so they can show up in business & maximize their impact.

Start Healing Today

Is your health getting in the way of business?

Dealing with burnout, chronic fatigue, recurring pain, or other health challenges makes growing your business nearly impossible. 

Chances are, you got into business because you wanted to make a difference and experience the freedom that a business can offer, right?

But if you are dealing with ongoing and often 'unexplained' health conditions, your lack of energy and symptoms can get in the way of your mission, & reduce your capacity to do meaningful work. 

Struggling with your health can steal your 'spark' leaving you feeling burnout and no longer inspired by what you are doing.

Whichever is true for you, the way for you to have more impact, grow your business, and feel inspired once more is to heal yourself first.

Your business can only grow as much as your heal. 

Here at Mind Body Masters we specialize in helping purpose-lead business owners overcome chronic fatigue, pain & burnout so they can have the energy and capacity to show up as their best selves in business. 

Unlike traditional approaches to healing, we use our unique Mind Body Protocol to help you identify (and release) any childhood trauma or emotional stress that is being stored in your body as  'unexplained' symptoms. 

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You can't grow your business if you are burnt out -  it is time to take care of YOU.

Have you 'tried everything' to heal but haven't seen much improvement?

If you are still struggling with your health despite doing all the right things...you are in the right place.  

Most of our clients have spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to restore their health. They have seen all kinds of specialists and alternative practitioners on a weekly basis...

Taken supplements by the handful...

Tried all kinds of alternative & restrictive diets...

They have diligently followed the advice of their doctors, trainers, and therapists...

But despite all this, they have not seen much (if any) improvement in their symptoms.

Sure they might get a little bit of relief after certain treatments, but they know their symptoms will eventually return if they slack off. 

If this sounds like your story, and you have tried all kinds of treatments and therapies but are still struggling with your health, chances are your symptoms are NOT conventional. 

Chances are your symptoms are being caused by the one thing that is ignored by most traditional (and even not-so-traditional) healing modalities...

Emotional stress & childhood trauma. 

Most traditional approaches to healing do not yet understand how the MIND impacts the BODY, which is why stress and childhood trauma is so often ignored as possible causes of pain, fatigue, and burnout. 

What I am here to tell you is that your body is not broken (although it might feel like it sometimes) you just haven't yet dealt with the true cause of your health challenges. 

The way to restore your health, reclaim your energy, and create lasting changes in your life is to heal your MIND. 

When you can release the past emotional stress & childhood trauma stored in your body as "dis-ease", your body can easily return to its natural state - vibrant health.

Your mind can go from being 'always on', chaotic, and noisy to being calm and centered. 

Giving you the space and energy to grow your business and make a difference in this world! 

Our Mind Body Protocol was specifically designed to help you find the specific conflicts causing your symptoms and help you process them so that you are no longer being triggered by your past.

When you can do this, your body can heal from the inside out.

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Learn how this unique protocol has helped business owners worldwide heal and overcome burnout, adrenal fatigue, and chronic pain. You will be guided through each step of this Protocol inside the program "Healed"

1) Find It

Here using the Mind-Body science of German New Medicine we will help you identify the stressful specific event(s) that are causing your physical symptoms. Here you will learn how past emotional trauma & stress creates change in the body. This is often the missing link for those dealing with ongoing health issues, and a relief to discover your body is not broken. 

2) Feel It

Once you have identified the specific stress/childhood trauma causes of your symptoms, it is time for you to learn how to let it go, and neurologically preprocess the event. Here you will experience the power of the NeuroSomatic Release, a technique designed by Jake to help you release stored stress from your mind (neuro) and body (soma) so you can feel calm. 

3) Heal It

This stage of the protocol is about helping you understand how your childhood shaped you today. Many business owners have patterns of people pleasing, putting others first, not asking for help, overworking, or taking on too much that are developed as children. Here we help you to create new more empowering patterns that serve you instead of hurting you. 

4) Seal It

Using the latest techniques in neuroplasticity and hypnotherapy we help you to create long-lasting transformations. Here you will learn the skills to regulate your nervous system, prioritize rest, set boundaries, and create a business that is in alignment with you and your values so you can lock in your changes. 

3 Ways We Can Work Together

Free Discovery Call

If you would like to speak with Jake about your current situation to see if we can help, apply for a free 15 minute discovery call. In this call, we will discuss your symptoms and see if we are the right people to help you. This is not a sales pitch or a coaching call. 

Application Only

1:1 Mind Body Assessment

By completing our in-depth mind-body assessment we can help you uncover the specific stress causes of your physical symptoms. Knowing the origins of your health challenges is the first step in healing, and showing up for your patients. Once you have completed your assessment, you will have a 30min 1:1 consultation with Jake Currie to discuss your results. Business owners only. 

Was $500 Now Just $97

"Healed" Signature Program

This is our signature program designed to help business owners overcome chronic pain, fatigue & burnout. Here you will learn a new perspective on health, understand your own patterns and conflicts, as well as learn how to calm your mind and body. This program is a mix between 1:1 & group not only is it designed to help you heal, but show up as the best version of you for your business.

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Releasing your childhood trauma is the most effective way to heal from burnout, adrenal fatigue, and reoccurring pain.  

Who we do work with?

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, solopreneurs, CEO's, COO's, CFO's, service-based business owners, online entrepreneurs, coaches, and healthcare professionals. 
  • Those dealing with burnout, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, regular or ongoing pain, fibromyalgia (and more)
  • Those who have tried all the convention (and not-so-conventional) treatments with little-to-no improvement
  • People who have put their businesses' needs ahead of their own
  • Those who are highly motivated to change and improve their health and are ready to take personal responsibility
  • Passionate and driven people who have just lost their spark and are feeling uninspired in business
  • People who have created a successful business to the detriment of their health

Who we don't work with:

  • Business owners who are just starting out or those in complete survival mode
  • People dealing with immediately life-threatening health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke etc.
  • Those people who have not seen a medical/health professional (this does not replace medical advice)
  • People that are looking for a quick fix and not willing to take responsibility for their health
  • People who are just looking to complain about their health
  • People that at their core don't actually want to improve

Do any of these sound like you?

In addition to health challenges, many business owners are dealing with stressed nervous systems. These are trauma patterns that must be corrected if you want to grow a sustainable business. 

  • Constantly pushing hard only to crash and burn on the weekend
  • Putting your business's and your staff's needs ahead of your own
  • Saying 'yes' to people when you really mean 'no'
  • Never being able to switch off, and thinking of nothing but business
  • Difficultly creating a work-life-balance
  • Needing to be perfect at everything you do
  • Constantly worrying about where your next business deals are coming from

Success In Business Requires You To Be At Your Very Best

It is time to put your health first. 

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