Breakthrough The Emotional Trauma Stored In Your Body And Mind So That You Can Heal From The Inside

I help people who *have tried everything* to overcome chronic symptoms and troublesome behavioral patterns to heal from the inside by calming their wired nervous systems.

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Trauma Is A Reaction In Your Nervous System, Not Just An Event.

Most people believe the effects of trauma can only occur with horrific events like murder, war, or rape. What science is now understanding is that ANY event in your life that was stressful and unexpected can activate the trauma response in both your mind and body. The trauma response is far more common than you might have first thought.

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Signs Your Nervous System Is Impacted By Emotional Trauma

A wired nervous system wrecks havoc on your mental and physical health here are some common signs you are dealing with some stored emotional trauma. 



Inability To Focus & Racing Mind

Chronic Pain Or Conditions That Don't Improve

Low Self Worth Holding You Back

Fatigue & Burn out

People Pleasing & Lack Of Boundaries

Digestive Problems

Feelings Of Anxiety & Depression

Trouble Sleeping Or Feeling Rested

Unexplained Fears & Worries 

Weight Gain & Hormonal Imbalances

The Traditional Model Of Healthcare Is Failing You

Modern medicine is FANTASTIC at emergency care, but failing people all over the world when it comes to chronic pain, illnesses, and behavioral problems. Calming your overactive nervous system is the key to healing both physically and emotionally. 

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The Mind Body Breakthrough

A proven Mind-Body system for calming your wired nervous system,and promoting physical healing all from the inside out. 

1. [CLEAR] The Past

The number 1 reason most entrepreneurs are stuck in a constant "fight-flight-freeze' mode is due to unprocessed emotional conflicts, particularly from childhood. When you understand your Mind-Body Profile, you can see exactly how every niggly injury or health condition you have is linked to stored emotional trauma. Here I will help you uncover your blind spots using your body your guide and help you to heal physically from the inside out.

2. [CONNECT] To The Present

If your nervous system is WIRED chances are you are constantly in your head, occupied with the future and the past. Doing this for long enough it becomes a neurological pattern. Here I will teach you a powerful method (which has been certified internationally) to get out of your head and create deep body awareness. Ps being in your body is how you neurologically rewire "calm".

3. [CREATE] The Future

Your childhood conflicts create unconscious chaos patterns that kept you safe as a kid. These patterns will control your life until you control them, here you will develop radical self-awareness and have the tools to create conscious change in your life by mastering your mind, emotions, and patterns. Here you switch the grind for alignment by letting go of what is no longer serving you.

How You Can Work With Me

The Pain Free Process - Mind Body Masters Program

The MBM Pain Eliminator Program 

Struggling with pain that just wont shift?
Do you have to give up doing activities like playing with the kids, modifying exercise? This self paced online course will help you to get to the root cause of your musculoskeletal pain.

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Jake Currie Consultation - Mind Body Masters

1:1 Mind Body Breakthrough

In this transformative half-day Mind Body Breakthrough session, Jake will work with you to identify the specific emotional traumas stored in your body & mind and give you tools to release these allowing you to finally calm your wired nervous system, and heal your body physically. 

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Mind Body Masters Signature Program Jake Currie

Practitioners & Coaches: Learn GNM in 8-Weeks 

Do you want to improve your client's results in just 8-weeks? Learn how to treat physical symptoms caused by emotional stress so they can help people experience transformative healing online.

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Your Mind-Body Guide

You deserve to be healthy, and you deserve to feel in control of your own body and mind, and you should not have to fear your symptoms.

After years of struggling with my own body and chronic pain (even as a chiropractor), I discovered the science of German New Medicine (GNM) which gave me a new perspective on health and allowed me to heal. 

Today, I use GNM coupled with my unique healing approach, The Mind Body Breakthrough, to help you identify the root emotional cause of your symptoms and help shift your nervous system out of "fight-flight-freeze" mode. 

This powerful combination helps you to heal both physically and emotionally when others thought it was not possible. 

I have helped hundreds of people from all over the world, who are just like you, heal physical pain and other chronic health conditions from the inside out by calming their wired nervous systems.

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If These People Can Heal, So Can YOU!

Watching these stories of healing from our Mind Body Masters students will inspire you that you too can heal. 

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