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Helping business owners to regulate their nervous system so they can grow without the grind. 

Releasing the build up of stress from your mind and body is how you can improve your health, have more impact, be present, and create a sustainable business that won't destroy you. 

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Helping business owners to regulate their nervous system so they can grow without the grind. 

Releasing the build up of stress from your mind and body is how you can improve your health, have more impact, be present, and create a sustainable business.

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Have you pushed yourself to exhaustion to create success in your business?

We specialize in working with online business owners who have created successful businesses, but at the cost of their health, wellbeing & relationships. 

Is your dysregulated nervous system catching up with you?

Perhaps you find yourself burnt out, unmotivated, or physically and mentally exhausted. Maybe your inability to switch off from work is starting to impact your relationships?

Or perhaps the stress is causing your body to break down and you're dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, and other unexplained health conditions...

Your ability to endure chronic stress in business has likely helped you create success in business, but now it is starting to take its toll...

...and if you are like most of our clients you can't see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

What I am here to tell you, is that you don't need to sell your business and become a monk to heal your body, feel present, satisfied and fulfilled.

Instead, you just need to learn how to regulate your nervous system. Discover how healthy your nervous system is with our free assessment. 

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Helping business owners regulate their nervous systems so they can optimize their health, relationships, and business is a simple 3 step process. 


The first step in helping you regulate your wired nervous system is to help you clear the past stressful events that are stored in your mind and body. Jake expertly helps you identify the specific events from your past that must be cleared away in order to move forward. 


When your nervous system is dysregulated it can feel like you are stuck in fight-or-flight mode. Healing mind and body requires you to connect new neural pathways in your brain that are associated with the 'Relaxation Response'. 


"What got you here, won't get you where you are going." Relaxation techniques are great, but if you do not change your behavior and unconscious patterns you will create the same problems again and again. Here we help you create new ALIGNED behaviours.

Don't let your dysregulated nervous system sabotage your health, relationships, or business any longer. 

Ways We Can Work Together

Nervous System Audit

Are you curious to see how your nervous system is functioning? In this complimentary 30-minute consultation with Jake Currie, you will get your nervous system "Score". This will help you know exactly what areas you need to work on in order to regulate your nervous system for your health, relationships, and business growth. Note: For business owners only. Only 5 complimentary places each month. 

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Private 1:1 Coaching With Jake

Jake works with business owners to regulate their nervous systems. With his proven 3 step process we help you clear the past stressful events stored in your mind and body, get you out of flight-or-fight mode, and help create new aligned behaviors for success in your business, health and relationships. If Jake is the right consultant for you, we will discuss options for working together. 

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The Pain Eliminator - Self Study

If you are dealing with ongoing musculoskeletal pain that isn't improving under conventional care, or continues to return no matter what you try, The Pain Eliminator will help you find the root cause. Once you make the connection, multiple tools are provided to help you heal from the inside out. This is a self-paced program designed to give you self-healing skills for life!

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What are people saying?

"Jake's work helped me understand a whole new level of injury. The mental side. Why did I randomly get injured doing such a minimal movement? The mind is so powerful and can be tricky. Jake and the NeuroSomatic Release helped me heal my emotional trauma which in turn helped me heal my hip."


- Koa Smith
Professional Surfer

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Your Mind Body Consultant

Jake Currie (Ba. HSc. chiro, M.Clin.Chiro) Retired Chiropractor
Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, German New Medicine Practitioner & Teacher,
Creator of The NeuroSomatic Release & Sympathetic Reset

Jake Currie is here to help you heal, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. His entire focus is to help you uncover the patterns of stress and trauma held in your body so you can remember who you are. 

Growing up Jake dealt with many significant injuries, including fracturing his spine playing football. This prompted him to study chiropractic, and learn how the body is able to heal itself. 

Throughout his chiropractic career he continued to deal with regular injuries that wouldn't improve under conventional modalities. This led him to discover the science of German New Medicine (GNM). A unique health perspective that understand that unresolved emotional traumas manifest physically in the body. 

Learning this work, coupled with studying many other mind based healing modalities helped Jake to finally heal a lifetime of injuries. Additionally, it helped him to help his own chiropractic patients heal even when they had tried everything. 

In 2018, Jake left his chiropractic practice in Noosa Heads to follow the mind body work full time. Since then he has formulated his unique NeuroSomatic Release approach, which combines German New Medicine, hypnotherapy, NLP, inherited trauma, breathwork, and coaching to help hundreds of people heal from all over the world in 1:1 settings and group programs. 

Jake has since had this powerful modality internationally reconized with IICT. Today, uses his experience to help chronically stressed entrepreneurs & business owners to heal from the effects of stress, and create more balanced businesses. 

Jake lives on the Sunshine Coast, QLD with his beautiful wife Jaz, and their two dogs Buddy and Flo. He loves surfing, crossfit, and keeping fit. His weakness are drinking too much coffee, having 100 tabs open on his browser at once, and half-reading books. 

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