The most effective way to reduce chronic sympathetic activity in order to promote physical and mental well-being.

Stress Reduction

Improve Posture

Feel More Calm & Present

Mindfulness Practice

The Sympathetic Reset is a modality you can use in your everyday life to cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress and empower yourself. The Sympathetic Reset is designed to be used alongside traditional forms of healthcare and psychotherapy to help the client achieve a well-rounded result. 

The Sympathetic Reset is a gentle and safe form of self bodywork that focuses on reducing the muscular and dural tension associated with a “sympathetic flexion posture” while systematically activating the parasympathetic nervous system through a unique oscillation process. The Sympathetic Reset is an easily accessible modality that can be used by anyone suffering the effects of chronic stress to create a sense of calm in the body and mind.

What to expect

The Sympathetic Reset was created by retired chiropractor, and posture expert Jake Currie from Australia as a way for individuals to have a daily practice that not only works to improve posture in a safe way, but also to reduce the chronic sympathetic activity associated with the modern world.

A session will take you through a number of different exercises including stretching specific muscles, breathing and activating the parasympathetic nervous system by way of vibration. 

During a session, your Sympathetic Reset Practitioner will take you through a 20 minute practice which will give you the tools to add into your own daily mindfulness practice fostering stress reduction in our busy lives. 

Become a Sympathetic Reset Practitioner

Enrol in Mind Body Masters Coaching Program to become a Sympathetic Reset Practitioner implementing this practice into your online business to help more clients.

As a Sympathetic Reset Practitioner you are able to:

  • Learn how to gently stretch to open and relax the dural system of the body. 
  • Use vibration and oscillation to reduce muscular tension associated with the muscles of the "sympathetic flexion pattern" and to calm the nervous system as a whole.
  • Practice conscious activation of the parasympathetic nervous system through the use of diaphragmatic breathing, body awareness, and mindfulness.
  • Provide consultations online growing a thriving online business
  • Become accredited under the International Institute of Complementary Therapy
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Meet The Founder

Jake Currie (Former Chiropractor, Enneagram Coach, Time Line Reset Therapist, Founder of Mind Body Masters)

You deserve to be healthy, and you deserve to feel in control of your own body and mind, and you should not have to fear your symptoms.

After years of struggling with my own body and chronic pain (even as a chiropractor), I discovered the science of German New Medicine (GNM) which gave me a new perspective on health and allowed me to heal. 

Today, I use GNM coupled with my unique healing approach, Sympathetic Reset and The Mind Body Method, to help you identify the root emotional cause of your symptoms and help shift your nervous system out of "fight-or-flight" mode. 

This powerful combination helps you to heal both physically and emotionally when others thought it was not possible. 

I have helped hundreds of people from all over the world, heal physical pain and other chronic health conditions from the inside out and now I am imparting my learnings and knowledge to health coaches and practitioners globally to get phenomenal results for their clients using the Sympathetic Reset.

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