The Self Healing System is the only formula you need to eliminate physical pain and tap into your ability to heal yourself

Live A Pain-Free Life Without Avoiding Activities You Love

Are you sick and tired of not being able to do the activities you love? 

Whether that be going for a run or a workout, playing with the kids, sitting through an important business meeting, or you are simply feeling old and frail when you shouldn't be. 

The Mind-Body Masters Self Healing System is going to help you Eliminate Pain once and for all, and give you the tools for a pain-free life.

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Overcome Pain & Chronic Health Issues

Switch The Stress For A Calm Brain

Healing Tools You Can Use Forever

Understand & Love Your Body Again

You Can Heal Pain Yourself

Believe it or not, you have the ability to heal yourself. You just need to know how! Now, you don't need to be a monk or a mystic or even meditate for 12 hours a day...

You simply need to understand that your physical symptoms are NOT physical but EMOTIONAL, then do the inner work. 

When you are able to do this, you are able to not only LET GO of old emotional baggage that has been weighing you down, but your body can physically heal. 

So, if you are ready to get off the merry-go-round of constant appointments, supplements, and experts without answers, this program is for you...

If you are tired of being sick and tired of not being able to do the activities you love, (whether that be going for a run, playing with your kids, or being able to sit through an important work meeting) this program is going to change your life...

I am going to teach exactly HOW and WHY you are in pain and show you HOW to rid pain from your life so you can get on with everything you love to do.

Is it time you lived pain-free?

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Meet Cheri

"I completed your Pain-free program and I resolved my lower back pain I've had for 2 years and I was just blown away!"

"Also using the program I was able to help a friend with her hip pain! Amazing!!!! Thank you Jake"

Reclaim Control Of
Your Body And Mind So You Can Get Back To Your Life

If you are tired of constantly feeling helpless, not reaching your full potential, and relying on treatments and supplements just to keep the pain at bay, this program is going to empower you, and help you deal with the real issue, your unresolved emotional stress.


The Self Healing System

This is not another program, it is a transformative experience helping you to understand the workings of your body and mind so that you can reclaim the power to heal yourself, release stress from your life, and feel more present and calm in the moment.

What You Can Expect To Achieve 

✅ Finally get to the root cause of your physical symptoms

✅ Experience laser-focused 'inner results' that can take years in therapy to obtain,

✅ Discover HOW to clear the unwanted emotional baggage in your life,

✅ Deeply understand yourself and your behaviors so you can give yourself compassion rather than beating yourself up,

✅ Feel empowered knowing that you are in control of your emotions and physical symptoms,

✅ No longer get into a panic when you experience a flare-up, but feel confident in knowing how to handle it.

Meet Stacey

"I'm Pain Free for the first time in nearly 6 years, so that's huge."

"But I've also gained the knowledge and ability on how to feel and process my emotions, whereas before I just stuffed them down. I also am more aware and present to what I'm actually feeling so that I can down-regulate to decrease my body's response."

The Self Healing System is the only formula you need to eliminate physical pain and tap into your ability to heal yourself

1. Find It 

Learn how to FIND the specific stressful event(s) in your life that has caused your pain, through understanding the sacred science of GNM.

2. Feel It

Start to FEEL again, learn how to release your stored emotions for more peace in your life.

3. Heal It

Discover your unconscious patterns that cause pain to begin with so you can truly HEAL.

4. Seal It

Have the tools to be able to heal pain as it arises and SEAL in your transformation for years to come.

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What's Included When You Enrol

This is a self-directed program, which means you're able to go through the video modules and workbook as fast or as slow as you please.
Plus, we have added exclusive members-only support so you can work directly and 1:1 with Jake.

Phase 1: Finding the SPECIFIC emotional cause of your pain

4 x video modules to help you find the specific emotional cause of your physical pain

1 x workbook helping you pinpoint exactly when you first experienced pain, understand the emotional conflict associated and questions to ask yourself around the specific conflict 

2 x BONUS Advanced Pain Trainings

Specific Pain Videos including: back pain, knee pain, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, knee/feet/ankle pain, elbown/wrist/hand pain, generalised/fibro pain

Phase 2: Learning to release old stuck emotions from your body and mind

4 x video modules to understand how and why emotions are stored, and how to release old emotions from your body and mind. 

Powerful hypnosis process The Mind Body Method, which allows you to release and let go of old emotions in your body, helping you heal physically

Inner Work workbook to discover your relationship with your emotions. 

Phase 3: Discover the unconscious behaviours that keep you stuck

3 x video modules to help you become less reactive and more peaceful. Discover a powerful profess to become radically self-aware with the enneagram

BONUS Understanding Enneagram Program (value $97)

BONUS Central Senitization Trainings (value $97)

Inner Work workbook to help you uncover the self-sabotaging behaviours that create stress in your life.

Phase 4: Preventing pain flare ups for good

4 x video modules helping you to understand why you get flare-ups in the first place. This is where you develop the tools for life to move through pain in the future not just right now.

Inner Work workbook to learn about your triggers.

Audio Bank

One of the most transformational aspects of this program is the bank of meditations and self-hypnosis tracks I have created for you. 

These audios help you REWIRE your subconscious mind, and release stored emotional stress from your body and mind so that you can not only HEAL but experience more peace and calm in your life. 

9 Audio tracks for healing

Exclusive 1:1 Discounts

If you need additional 1:1 support from Jake when you enroll in The Self Healing System you get priority 1:1 access plus the special rate of $400. (Normally, the rate for 1:1 consults is $500/h.) These sessions can help you radically transform from the Inside Out by finding your mind-body blindspots.

Ready to start healing yourself from the inside out?
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The Mind Body Masters Program Will Work For You
If You Are Ready To Commit To Your Healing

If you apply what you learn in this program you can expect some radical inner transformations. If you think you will half-ass it, there is no point even signing up. I only work with people who are ready to implement this work. 

More of What To Expect...


"I’ve had back pain for a very very long time and to the extent that they actually wanted to operate on me. I think 5 years ago. I don’t have back pain today. I’m serious! I just don’t have it!"

"And yeah, I was a little skeptical about this, but that certainly changed within the first call! And then I put the work in practice, and achieved pain free. Well I’m sorry, there is no other way to explain it other than it’s just mind blowing and you have to experience it to understand it."


"Once I made the connection, the pain went straight away whereas in the past the pain would have lasted a few days."

"I woke up one morning with upper-neck pain and using the self-healing system I figured out it was to do with a client at work that I felt I had made a mistake with the day before and hoped the client didn’t realise, I kept thinking about it and replaying the situation in my head. A couple of months later the same upper neck pain came back and I realised I had seen that same client earlier that day and that they were fine. I then realised it had reminded me of feeling stupid about the “mistake”."

What Is Included In The Self Healing System?

Was $997

Save $500

  • 4 Phase Video Series - Find It, Feal It, Heal It, Seal It - Including 16 transformational and educational video modules to go through at your own pace 
  • Specific modules on main physical pain including back, neck, shoulder, elbows/wrists/hands, knees/feet/ankles, hips and generalised/fibromyalgia pain to help you get to the bottom of your pain
  • Inner Work workbook to help you uncover the self-sabotaging behaviours that create stress in your life. The workbook helps you uncover the triggers of your pains. 
  • Access to the GNM Guide to pain which is a glossary including other health conditions (value $399)
  • MBM Healing Audio Bank including 9 x hypnosis and meditations (value $197)
  • 2 x BONUS Advanced Pain Training
  • Understanding Enneagram Program (value $97)
  • Central Sensitisation Training (value $97)
  • Immediate, 24/7 and lifetime access - Get started right away! 

 What is it costing you to live in pain? 

Many of my past students have spent literally THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS each year on various treatments and supplements that only keep the pain at bay. 


"Three weeks ago my knees started to experience pain (like they used to) and I’m doing the work getting curious around where I’m feeling stuck in life. So soon as I made the connection and changed the story guess what The knee pain shifted!!! You can’t make this stuff up! Too gooood."

"Three years I was suffering with this pain, which I have now cleared through jakes program, which is very exciting. So I’m now able to go for walks on the beach, I had actually stoped going to the beach because it was so difficult for me to walk on the sand."

The Mind Body Masters Program Can Change Your Life,
But Don't Take Our Word For It...

Letting Go Of 71 Years Of Emotional Baggage To Heal

The Safe Group Environment Allowed Natalie To Heal 20 Years Of Pain

Dr Laura Harding (chiro) Shifts Multiple Chronic Conditions

Makaela Overcame 20 Years Of Back Pain

Carol now has her health, happiness and life back

This Program Is Like Coming Home To Myself

From Flight Or Flight To Inflow

Understanding Myself Better, Mastering My Mind and Emotions

Not Only Physical Healing But Inner Healing And Finding Self Love

Mind Body Masters Gives You Back Your Power

How Nat Overcame Adrenal Fatigue

Back To Running Without Expensive Injections

This Program Is NOT For You If...

❌ You have NOT seen a doctor or healthcare professional for your symptoms. This program does not replace medical advice or treatment

❌ You think you already know everything and are not open-minded

❌ You are suicidal, bipolar, or dealing with significant mental health issues/major trauma (please see your doctor)

❌ You are not willing to change and stuck in your ways

❌ You want to overthink and over analyze EVERYTHING before taking action

❌ You think that Jake is going to save you and you don't need to do any work

❌ You are not willing to receive honest feedback or look at your 'darker' sides

❌ You unconsciously don't want to get better


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I used to run this program in a live capacity at $1,997!

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Still Need Clarity? Here's Some FAQ's

If you want to see if this program is right for you, simply message Jake on Instagram @jake_currie (link here) and he will answer your question directly. 

Hi! I'm Jake Currie


The founder of Mind Body Masters, Jake Currie is originally trained as a chiropractor. In 2018 he decided to stop practicing and sell his successful private practice in Noosa, Australia to pursue helping people heal from the inside out.

All of his life, Jake had experienced constant unexplained pain and injuries that would never shift. This is what prompted him to study chiropractic, as he began his life long mission to understand what causes pain. He knew that the answer was out there somewhere. This led him to try every therapy, supplement, diet, and rehab program under the sun! None of which provided the results he was looking for (at least for long).

It wasn't until some personal challenges forced him to deal with his "baggage" that he realized the power of resolving emotional stress could have on healing the body. This led him to study German New Medicine and a variety of healing methods. Today Jake helps coach people to resolve specific emotional stressors in their life so that they can heal, live without pain, and break free from the self-sabotaging patterns that have kept them stuck.

The Mind Body Masters Pain  Self Healing System is the signature program giving people the tools and understanding to heal themselves!


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