Discover the root cause of common health conditions & learn how to heal yourself and your clients from the inside

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Discover the mind-body causes of the most common health conditions so you can heal yourself and your clients

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In this mini course, you will learn how stress and emotional trauma cause REAL physical health conditions in the body. Plus you will get access to a comprehensive Mind Body Guide (GNM) to the most common health conditions from allergies to zits! This guide will show you what is required to heal. 

You can use this to either help yourself heal from chronic health conditions, or as a tool to help your clients and patients heal. 

What are the modules?

  1. The Missing Link
  2. Redefining Trauma
  3. Psyche to Cell
  4. A New Health Perspective
  5. Mind Body Manual
  6. Healing The Mind

PLUS: An in-depth understanding of the most common conditions of pain and other health concerns, directing you to find the missing link to your clients or your own pain and symptoms.  

Did we also mention it is free? This work is foundational work that should be taught to kids as young as 3 years old. I want to share it with as many people as I possibly can.

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