Master the sacred mind-body science of German New Medicine in your current health business so that you can get client results that position you as the authority in your industry and help you get #bookedout without sleazy marketing.

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Do you ever get the feeling that you are missing something?

When I was running my chiropractic practice, there were some clients that never seemed to improve no matter what I tried. These patients made me cringe when I saw them in my appointment book because I felt like I was letting them down.

I was plagued by the feeling that I was missing something as a practitioner. 

These feelings led me to discover the mind-body science of German New Medicine (GNM) back in 2014. GNM gave me a whole new understanding of the origins of disease.  I finally could understand why certain people never improved under my care. 

Understanding GNM is one thing, learning how to use it is another...

Since 2014, I have been on a mission to discover the most effective way to implement this groundbreaking science with clients for maximal impact and results. 

In all my trial and error I discovered a powerful way to not just understand GNM but apply GNM with clients so that they can heal even when they have previously "tried everything".

My unique application of GNM has allowed me to have a profound impact with my own clients, reconnect with my purpose, grow a thriving online business, and has helped me become recognized as the "go-to" person for complicated cases. 

It is now time for me to share this knowledge and skills with you, so you too can become recognized as the authority in your industry.  

Yours In Health, 

Learn GNM and become recognized as the authority in your space

1. Transformative Healing™

In order to get results that create a massive impact with your clients, and get people talking, mastering GNM is key. In this phase, you will learn how to identify the root emotional cause of your client's symptoms from the GNM perspective.

Then you will learn the most effective way to apply the GNM understanding of disease to help your clients heal from the inside.

2. Stand Out From The Crowd

In this phase of the program, you will unlock your genius and find a way to incorporate GNM into your current business so that you are seen as a specialist instead of a generalist.

Here you will learn Jake's unusual method for establishing your niche, becoming a specialist and discovering who you were destined to serve. (hint: it has to do with your own conflicts)

3. Clinical Confidence & Certainty

Confidence and certainty come with experience and practice, but being new to this work, you need a simple process to follow that allows you to get results with GNM fast! Here you will learn the step-by-step Virtual Consult Process™.

You will also learn how to communicate what you do with ease so your clients see the value of your work and they can easily refer others. 

What's Included?

"Over the last 20 years I have done more study and courses than you can imagine, and the  GNM For Business course was hands down the BEST thing I have ever studied."

- Ali Mckelvie (Kinesiologist)

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Business Success (and failure) In Healthcare Starts With Client Results

If you can consistently help people to heal, your business will naturally grow, and new clients will be attracted to you regardless of your profession. 

You will be seen as the "Go-To" person. 

Great results also helps you to create a deep sense of knowing that you are making a difference in the world, and as you fulfill your purpose you will notice your confidence grow. 

Yet, with INCONSISTENT client results, your business will be a constant struggle.

When you have clients/patients that do not improve, it not only hurts your books but it hurts your confidence. 

Learning how to address the mind-body side of disease is going to allow you to get truly transformational results for your people that set you apart from the rest. 

Additionally, learning to stand out from the crowd with your own unique approach, and developing clinical confidence and certainly in your skills is going to help you become the authority in your industry that allows your business growth to be effortless. 

GNM For Business is going to take you there.

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What is going to happen once you master GNM in your business?


You will have a more profound impact with your existing clients

Your confidence and certainty will grow knowing you can handle any case

You will naturally start to become the authority or the "go-to" in your industry

Your clients will start referring more people to you

You will have a clear understanding on how you can 'niche' and become a specialist 

You will start showing up confidently and attracting more clients

GNM For Business Success Stories

Hear from some past MBM students about how their life and business has changed since learning GNM and how to implement it Mind Body Masters Style!


In the health industry, you are rewarded for the impact you have with your clients. GNM FOR BUSINESS is designed to help you have a more meaningful impact with your clients, an impact that helps you become recognized as the "Go-To" person in your industry.

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👉  Get Lifetime Access To The GNM For Business Course 
👉  Extensive GNM Library (VALUE: $2200)
👉 6 Additional Pre-Recorded Training Calls - ABCD Conflict Resolution, Virtual Consult Process, Your Trauma Blueprint (find your niche), Your Unique Approach, Referral Activating System, NeuroSomatic Release Experience (VALUE: $3400)

👉  GNM Case Studies ($1200 Value)


🔥 Inherited Family Trauma Workshop ($350 Value)
🔥 NeuroSomatic Release Experience ($500 Value)
🔥 Enneagram & Childhood Conflicts Workshop ($400 Value)
🔥 Entire MBM Hypnosis/Meditation Library ($300 Value)



PAY IN FULL: $1,500

Or 4 monthly payments of $465

NOTE: This is a self-study program. All prices are in USD



Dr Liz Homan (chiro)

"I have had the honor of learning GNM from Jake. But I have learned way more than I ever imagined. I have learned how to be a better communicator with my clients, I have learned how to read/understand what people have been through with just a simple conversation, and I have learned how to see health conditions in a completely different way. This has allowed me to expand my business in a way I never thought possible and be able to serve people I feel truly called to serve! I cannot thank Jake enough for guiding me on this journey and equipping me with so many valuable resources."

Dr Lisa Keen (ND)

At the beginning of my GNM adventure, I was intrigued by this “new medicine” and how it worked. I’ve been an alternative medical practitioner for 12+ years so totally open to this different way of approaching health. I had been working through the modules and trying to understand it all from a Mind Body connection. It wasn’t until we dove deep into the Hypnotherapy and NeuroSomatic Release Certification that the lightbulb went off - GNM was the map to the original conflict - the root of the issue - and the NeuroSomatic Release is the pathway to dissolving it. Putting it all together is such a powerful and potent combination to true health and well-being. Trusting the innate magic of our bodies wisdom to heal.

Laura Harding (chiro)

The reason I was drawn to this work was twofold, firstly, I had ongoing hip and back pain that didn't get better no matter what I did, and secondly, I had plenty of clients that didn't improve under my care. As a chiropractor it was incredibly frustrating to not have the answers for myself and my clients. After doing a session with Jake my constant lower back pain completely resolved (this was 2 years ago and it hasn't returned), this made me realise GNM was the missing link in practice! Since then I have been learning GNM with Jake, and how to apply it with my clients. Learning GNM has allowed me to move my business entirely online and help the clients I never could before. If you are thinking there must be more out there, this program is for you!

Janelle Yule (Gut & Hormone Specialist )

Learning GNM has helped me be able to work with people on a much deeper level to truly get the root of their chronic health challenges.  It has helped me expand beyond nutrition, exercise, sleep, and supplementation. I now coach to the WHOLE person including their past emotional traumas.  I have been able to support and help people who have been chasing symptoms going to multiple doctors, therapists, and other practitioners with little to no results experience a change in how they feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Melissa Rogan (Health Coach)

 Jake lays out the foundations of German New Medicine in an easy comprehensive way. Within the first module I was able to apply GNM into my own life, see my symptoms from a higher perspective and finally heal re-occurring symptoms. 

Jake’s coaching calls are an amazing opportunity for a deeper understanding of the material, to ask specific questions and receive guidance to help build confidence in coaching others. I have worked with clients and assisted them in personal breakthroughs, one being my daughter who has been allergic to dairy & gluten since being a baby. She can now eat anything she would like with no reaction! Not only did Jake’s course offer more material and information than I was expecting, his level of knowledge and wisdom beyond GNM is invaluable.

Maura Elizabeth (Health Coach)

I took this course because after years of trying to learn & understand GNM on my own, I knew I could use some help and community. Jake’s podcasts are so good and uses simple, but profound explanations that I knew he was the person who could help me start to really learn and put GNM into practice. I was absolutely right. He organizes the information in a way that makes sense and makes it usable. I was able to put what I learned into practice with clients right away. He provides amazing resources and really knows his shit. Even though his students were from all over the world, it had the same sense of community as if we were in person. If you're on the fence, you'll be glad you signed up. 

Bilal Adhami (NSA Chiropractor)

GNM has been an absolute game-changer for my practise. Its helped me  identify the root cause of people's health issues and allowed me to help people in a way that I wasn't able to before. The types of results my clients are seeing have been spectacular and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend GNM to any practitioner

Dr Clayton Bostock (ND)

GNM has given me a different, perspective on healing and on our body’s (and nature’s) intelligence. It gives you the perspective that symptoms are part of the healing process and that the body is never wrong. GNM makes such a great connection between emotional stresses and trauma and how our body reacts to this. GNM is one of the keys that unlocks the mystery around treatment-resistant conditions and symptoms - the emotional component must be looked at.

Dr Cameron Hosking (chiro)

Mind Body Masters has changed the way I perceive pain and other common issues I come across in practice. It has taught me that discovering the root emotional cause of a persons issues is the beginning of their healing process. I have not only seen results in patients I have used MBM with but I have also experience changes with my own health.

Ali Mckelvie (Kinesiologist)

Over the last 20 years I have done more study and courses than you can imagine, and the  GNM For Business course was hands down the BEST thing I have ever studied. Since implementing the work, I have gone from 3k/months to 12k+/months!

Caroline Golmic (ND)

Formally learning GNM from Jake has transformed the way I conduct consultations with my clients. I knew there was a missing element for many of my clients and GNM was that missing piece. It has allowed me to further my messaging to clients that they were created perfectly, and it has also allowed me to go deeper and actually address the root cause of their symptoms.

Jana Judd (Chiro)

Learning GNM and implementing it in practice has been so much easier with Jake’s support and insight. It was the missing piece that I needed to bring my ideas into a well-structured program.

Mikaela Corbett (Chiro)

GNM has been a game changer and has added that extra layer to my clinical practice. Especially for those people whose symptoms would come and go without any notable, physical reason; and it would be clear that there was an emotional layer. GNM finally provided the framework to work through this layer and finally heal the symptom at the cause.

For example, a practice member of mine had broken his hand in a sports game, but it was very slow to heal and causing him a lot of discomfort months after surgery. We spoke about GNM and how physical pain in his hand is related to a self devaluation conflict, specifically related to manual dexterity. After talking through some potential emotional triggers relating to the time of the injury, he realised that he was struggling to hold onto a particular relationship that he desperately wanted. The change instantly in his body when we drew the link was obvious even to him. His hand went on to heal almost fully within a matter of weeks and got the all clear from the surgeon to start rock climbing again (a hobby of his).

It’s been mind blowing to learn, with so many ah-ha moments because it makes so much sense.
I highly recommend Jake and learning GNM to any practitioner ready to work some magic and actually heal from the inside out.

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