Become An Internationally Certifed Mind Body Hypnotherapy Practitioner & Help People Heal From The Inside Out

Grow a rewarding online health business that gives you the skills to heal the body using the mind. Gain a powerful dual Certification with Mind Body Hypnotherapy & The NeuroSomatic Release™

Learn How The NeuroSomatic Release Works

Become An Internationally Certifed Mind Body Hypnotherapy Practitioner & Help People Heal From The Inside Out

Grow a rewarding online health business that gives you the skills to heal the body using the mind. Gain a powerful dual Mind Body Certification with Hypnotherapy & The NeuroSomatic Release™

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2023 Mind Body Masters Course Prospectus 

See exactly what is included inside the Mind Body Hypnotherapy & NeuroSomatic Release certification program. This is not just a certification program, but a program to help you grow your online health business. 

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Are you searching for a new way to help people heal that allows you to generate income without sacrificing your time?

If you are a health professional or coach who is highly skilled at what you do but your business model is leaving you time-poor or burnt out, it might be time to start working with clients in a new way. 

Our Mind Body Hypnotherapy and NeuroSomatic Release certification process teaches you how you can have a more profound impact with your clients, earn more money, all while enjoying more time freedom for the things you love.  

If you are ready to get off the "appointment rollercoaster" and move to a premium business model that leverages your existing skills, and doesn't require you to trade your time for money, book your free business discovery call with Jake today. 

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Most certification programs teach you a new skill and then leave you to fend for yourself. Here at MBM we don't just teach you amazing new skills that you can use IMMEDIATELY, but we teach you how to apply theses skills to create a scalable (and profitable) online business model that you truly love. 


So many healthcare professionals, coaches, and healers are undercharging for their services. Learning how to deliver Premium Client Results by mastering the mind body connection helps you to break away from the competition, and be in a sea of your own! Here you will gain two international certifications in NeuroSomatic Release and Mind Body Hypnotherapy.  


If you are selling appointments or sessions your business growth is capped as you are trading your time for money. It also means you can't take time off without losing income. Learning how to create a scalable business model that leverages your unique genius and expertise is the key to a 6-figure online health business that gives you both impact and time freedom. 


Many people in the health industry are exceptional practitioners, but they hate marketing themselves. Learning how to attract clients online without spending hours on social media or using sleazy marketing strategies is critical to growing a sustainable online business. Here you will learn the business systems that make attraction easy not sleazy.

Discover What Is Included With The Course Prospectus

"Over the last 20 years I have done more study and courses than you can imagine, and the Mind Body Masters Certification was hands down the BEST thing I have ever studied. Since implementing the work, I have gone from 3k/months to 12k+/months & am booked out 4 months in advance"

- Ali Mckelvie (Kinesiologist)



What Is The NeuroSomatic Release™?

A unique hypnotherapy process to release stored emotional stress and trauma from the mind (Neuro) and body (Soma). 

The NeuroSomatic Release™ and The Mind-Body Masters Hypnotherapy certifications are both internationally recognized by the International Institute For Complementary Therapists & The American Board Of Hypnosis

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"5 Psychologist sessions plus anti-depressants plus whoever else she confided in, couldn’t do what ONE NSR session was able to do for her!"

- Steffi Teetz when talking about a clients experience with The NeuroSomatic Release

Master The Mind Body Science Of GNM

German New Medicine (GNM) is the study of how unexpected stressful events create dis-ease in the body. Learning this work will mean you can effortlessly identify the root cause of your clients symptoms, helping you to stand out from the crowd, and get results that position you as an authority. 

Get To The Root Cause Of Your Clients Symptoms

Mastering this work will help you get results for those client's whom have "tried everything". This will help boost your confidence in your service and help to position your service as superior to your competitors. 

Understand & Heal Your Own Body From The Inside

If you are dealing with any ongoing health issues, or any reoccurring pains, learning GNM can help you finally heal your own body, and help you resolve any future health issues that may arise. 

Stand Out & Develop Your Own Unique Process

The key to standing out from the crowd and creating a waitlist business is to have a unique process or approach. When you can couple the GNM principals with hypnotherapy & your exisiting skills

Janelle Yule (Gut & Hormone Specialist )

Learning GNM has helped me be able to work with people on a much deeper level to truly get the root of their chronic health challenges.  It has helped me expand beyond nutrition, exercise, sleep, and supplementation. I now coach to the WHOLE person including their past emotional traumas.  I have been able to support and help people who have been chasing symptoms going to multiple doctors, therapists, and other practitioners with little to no results experience a change in how they feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Bilal Adhami (NSA Chiropractor)

GNM has been an absolute game-changer for my practise. Its helped me  identify the root cause of people's health issues and allowed me to help people in a way that I wasn't able to before. The types of results my clients are seeing have been spectacular and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend GNM to any practitioner

Dr Lisa Keen (ND)

At the beginning of my GNM adventure, I was intrigued by this “new medicine” and how it worked. I’ve been an alternative medical practitioner for 12+ years so totally open to this different way of approaching health. I had been working through the modules and trying to understand it all from a Mind Body connection. It wasn’t until we dove deep into the Hypnotherapy and NeuroSomatic Release Certification that the lightbulb went off - GNM was the map to the original conflict - the root of the issue - and the NeuroSomatic Release is the pathway to dissolving it. Putting it all together is such a powerful and potent combination to true health and well-being. Trusting the innate magic of our bodies wisdom to heal.

Mikaela Corbett (Chiropractor)

GNM has been a game changer and has added that extra layer to my clinical practice. Especially for those people whose symptoms would come and go without any notable, physical reason; and it would be clear that there was an emotional layer. GNM finally provided the framework to work through this layer and finally heal the symptom at the cause.

Caroline Golmc (ND)

Formally learning GNM from Jake has transformed the way I conduct consultations with my clients. I knew there was a missing element for many of my clients and GNM was that missing piece. It has allowed me to further my messaging to clients that they were created perfectly, and it has also allowed me to go deeper and actually address the root cause of their symptoms.

Dr Liz Homan (Chiropractor)

"I have had the honor of learning GNM from Jake. But I have learned way more than I ever imagined. I have learned how to be a better communicator with my clients, I have learned how to read/understand what people have been through with just a simple conversation, and I have learned how to see health conditions in a completely different way. This has allowed me to expand my business in a way I never thought possible and be able to serve people I feel truly called to serve! I cannot thank Jake enough for guiding me on this journey and equipping me with so many valuable resources."

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Attract Premium 1:1 Clients With Your New Skills & Grown Your Online Health Business

On top of your Mind Body Hypnotherapy & NeuroSomatic Release certifications, we help you to master the skills needed to grow a scalable online health business. 

Narrow Your Niche™

When it comes to scaling an online health business it is important to have a clearly defined niche. There are countless people teaching you how to 'find your niche' but at MBM we have a unique way to show you how YOU ARE YOUR NICHE. This process helps you to find a Premium Niche that feels truly aligned with who you are.

The First Client Formula™

Once you have gained your certification and you have established your Premium Niche, how can you quickly get your first paying clients? In this business module I show you how you can get your first online clients using a series of simple social media posts. 

Breakthrough Session System™

Want to have the time freedom that an online business provides? The first place to start is to switch from selling sessions or appointments to selling a premium model. The breakthrough session system is how you create desire for your premium offer. 

Virtual Consult Process™

Learn how to deliver results for your clients VIRTUALLY.  In this module, you will learn the exact step-by-step process to eliminate pain over zoom!  

Premium Offer Process™

The key to creating more impact, freedom, and income is to create more value than anyone else in the marketplace! In this phase, you will develop your own premium 1:1 offer that will later become the basis of a scalable group coaching program. 

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What are people saying about the NeuroSomatic Release?

Words From Some Mind Body Masters

When I started the Mind Body Hypnotherapy and Neuro Somatic Release training, all I knew was that I was greatly interested and I could feel this was the right path for me - even though I didn't exactly know what I was in for, I knew I had to be there. The expansion this program gave me, the freedom to help my clients and the powerful tools that I now have at my disposal, are amazing. I feel so confident in helping my clients, I am so happy with my new skills and the profound way this impacts not only my business and my world, but the lives of my clients too! I can recommend this training to anyone wanting to expand their horizons and really make a difference in the world. Grateful and excited to have done this. - Marieke Frankema

Jake has a way to explain and teach the Mind-Body connection, transformational hypnosis and the neurosomatic release that is completely approachable and unlike any other program. While others might paint with a broad brush, Jake's approach is much more specific and targeted. Learning to target in such a way has helped me to make meaningful and very specific changes in my own healing journey as well as my children. Becoming certified in these methods allows me to empower my clients to take hold of their own healing journeys as well and become true mind-body masters. - Laura Dains

It was a very good experience for me to receive my hypnotherapy and NSR training from Jake. Having not experienced hypnosis before, he made it easy for me to learn and acquire the skills needed to be a hypnotherapist. The course was very practical, leaving me feel like I had experience before I even started my business. His teaching quality is excellent! Hypnotherapy is now an amazing adjunct to my Physiotherapy career. Would definitely recommend it. - Danielle Dieben (physiotherapist)

"Jake's work helped me understand a whole new level of injury. The mental side. Why did I randomly get injured doing such a minimal movement? The mind is so powerful and can be tricky. Jake and the NeuroSomatic Release helped me heal my emotional trauma which in turn helped me heal my hip."


- Koa Smith
Professional Surfer


Jake Currie (Ba. HSc. chiro, M.Clin.Chiro) Retired Chiropractor
Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, German New Medicine Practitioner & Teacher,
Founder of The NeuroSomatic Release™

Growing up Jake dealt with many significant injuries, including fracturing his spine playing football. This prompted him to study chiropractic, and learn how the body is able to heal itself. 

Throughout his chiropractic career, he continued to deal with regular injuries that wouldn't improve under conventional modalities. This led him to discover the science of German New Medicine (GNM). A unique health perspective that understands that unresolved emotional traumas manifest physically in the body. 

Learning this work, coupled with studying many other mind-based healing modalities helped Jake to finally heal a lifetime of injuries. Additionally, it helped him to help his own chiropractic patients heal even when they had tried everything. 

In 2015 Jake set up his dream chiropractic practice in Noosa Heads, Australia. But he quickly realized that this appointment-based business model did not give him the freedom of time he wished to create. He was unable to take time away from the office without losing income, the busier he got the less freedom he had. This led him to work hard and eventually burn out. The only breaks he took was when he got burnt out. 

In 2018, Jake sold his chiropractic practice in Noosa Heads to follow the mind-body work full-time, and create a more balanced lifestyle online. From 2018-2019 Jake was traveling the world while working with clients online!

Since then he has created multiple 6-figure online coaching programs and worked with all kinds of people to heal their bodies and mind. 

Jake is the creator of an internationally recognized healing modality called the NeuroSomatic Release™ which is changing the game when it comes to helping people release stored emotional stress and trauma from the body. He is also a certified Hypnotherapy instructor and is helping certify many health practitioners and coaches from all around the world in his unique Mind Body Hypnotherapy protocol. 

Jake created this certification for health coaches and practitioners who want a way to have a profound impact with their clients while being able to work online and have time freedom!

Jake lives on the Sunshine Coast, QLD with his beautiful wife Jaz, and their two dogs Buddy and Flo. He loves surfing, CrossFit, and keeping fit. His weakness are drinking too much coffee, having 100 tabs open on his browser at once, and half-reading books. 

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