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This group is for Health Professionals... 

✔️ Looking at adding an online element to their business or fully pivoting online for greater freedom
✔️ Who want to gain a certification they can use online to help people heal

✔️ Ideally have an existing patient list (in practice or email list)
✔️ Wanting to release the practice handcuffs and have more freedom in life away from their practice
✔️ Those who want to make an impact with their clients
✔️ Those who want to practice in a new way that is in alignment with who they are
✔️ Practitioners who do not want to be at the mercy of government restrictions

✔️ Currently doing minimum $10k/month
✔️ Who want to grow their business, increase revenue, work fewer hours and have more time freedom 


Who this is not for ... 

✖️ People who aren't currently working with clients
✖️ People who don't care about their clients results and are just in it for the money
✖️ People who are not committed to implementing the work

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