The Mind Body Breakthrough™

A truly unique healing experience that helps you to unlock the emotional trauma impacting your life so you can heal from the inside out. The wisdom, insights, and tools you access in this session will be healing tools you use for life. 

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There Is A Reason Nothing Has Worked For You *Yet*

Emotional Trauma has such a profound impact on both your physical body and your mind. Yet, it is largely ignored by most traditional healing modalities. Until now, The Mind Body Breakthrough is a truly unique approach to physical, and emotional healing, by helping you to understand how emotional trauma is impacting your body and mind. 

When you can BREAKTHROUGH stored trauma you can calm your wired nervous system and help your body to heal physically. 

Your Mind Body Expert

"If you have tried everything to heal, this is the last consult you will need."

In this personalized 1:1 virtual session, over 3 hours Jake will help you to uncover the and BREAKTHROUGH the specific emotional traumas in your life that are causing your body and mind to adapt.

You will be expertly guided on how you can release the emotional baggage from the past responsible for your symptoms and unconscious trauma repsonses. Jake will take you through his own internationally certified method, The Sympathetic Reset, to help you feel calm in your nervous system around the specific events. 

The result is your body can start to heal from the inside out, and your mind can finally feel at ease. You will be given specific meditation recordings to help you anchor in these transformative changes. 

To book your time simply use the calendar below to find a time that works for you. The fee for a 1:1 session is $2000 USD.

You will get 1 month of FREE follow-up Voxer support after your session to help you integrate the changes. 

1 session is all that is required to help you experience the breakthrough you need.

How A Consult Works

Mind Body Masters Jake Currie

1. Book In Your Time 

To book your 1:1 consultation with Jake Currie, simply use the calendar below to find a time that works for you. You will need to allow 120 minutes for your consultation. (All times listed are in your local timezone)

Mind Body Masters Jake Currie

2. Complete Intake Survey

Upon selecting your time, you will be asked a series of questions relating to your physical symptoms, which will help Jake expertly guide you on how to identify and release the stored trauma impacting your nervous system. 

3. Mind Body Breakthrough

In this personalized virtual session, Jake will help you to uncover the specific emotional traumas in your life that are causing your body and mind to adapt using the science that is GNM. You will be given tools to help you calm your nervous system down and promote healing. 

3. A Month Of Voxer Follow Up

After your Breakthrough session there will be many moments of new insights and awareness. To help you integrate this new inner state you get access to Voxer communication for 4 weeks. This is reserved for my 1:1 clients only. 

*Please note, Jake reserves the right to not work with you if you are not the right fit. If this applies to you, you will automatically be refunded the full amount. These consultations DO NOT replace medical advice or treatment, they are for educational purposes only. 

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Please be sure YOUR TIME ZONE is selected correctly. Payment will be required to confirm your consultation (prices are in USD) 

Looking to get started on your own?

Select from the MBM self-study programs that have helped hundreds on their healing journey

MBM Meditation and Hypnosis Audio Library

This Guided Meditation and Self Hypnosis Library by Jake Currie is encourage to promote healing on many levels. Audios in the library will help you to connect with your inner child, uncovering unconscious patterns keeping you stuck, helping you letting go of emotions, behaviours and symptoms until they are all but a blip on your radar. 

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Struggling with a specific pain that just won't shift?

The video program includes step-by-step lectures to help you understand and shift your pain and perspective around your symptoms and your body for good. 
Specific modules on common physical pains:
➤ B
ack Pain               ➤ Arms/wrist Pain
➤ Neck Pain              ➤ Knees/feet Pain
➤ Shoulder Pain      ➤ Hip Pain and
➤ Fibromyalgia and Generalised Pain

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From Your Head To Your Heart in 30 Days

Find it hard to make the journey 18 inches from your HEAD and into your HEART?

This work becomes the foundation to help master healing from the inside out.

The audio program includes 30 individual journal prompts, guided meditations, self-hypnosis and concepts used in the MBM signature program that will help you stop overthinking and start feeling again.

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