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If you have been dealing with injuries that are not improving, chronic pain, or chronic fatigue 1 hour with Jake & The NeuroSomatic Release could change your life.  

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There Is A Reason Nothing Has Worked For You *Yet*

Emotional stress and trauma have a profound impact on both your physical body and your mind. Yet, when it comes to pain and fatigue it is largely ignored by most traditional healing modalities despite emerging evidence. 

If you are dealing with chronic pain and fatigue, injuries that are not healing, or bouts of pain that come back again and again chances are emotional stress and trauma is causing or contributing at the very least to your current state. 

This is especially true when you have tried all kinds of conventional healing modalities with minimal results. 

In order to truly heal once and for all understanding how emotional stress is impacting your physical body is key. 

When you can identify (and release) the specific stored stress causing your pain and fatigue your body can finally heal from the inside out. all without needing to do countless stretches or exercises. 

Jake has helped hundreds of people from all over the world to overcome musculoskeletal pain using his unique approach of applying GNM, with his internationally accredited modality, The NeuroSomatic Release. 

How Your 1:1 Consult Works

Mind Body Masters Jake Currie

1. Book In Your Time 

To book your 1:1 consultation with Jake Currie, simply use the calendar below to find a time that works for you. You will need to allow 120 minutes for your consultation. (All times listed are in your local timezone)

Mind Body Masters Jake Currie

2. Complete Intake Survey

Upon selecting your time, you will be asked a series of questions relating to your physical symptoms, which will help Jake expertly guide you on how to identify and release the stored trauma impacting your nervous system. 

3. Virtual Session

In this personalized virtual session, Jake will help you to uncover the specific emotional traumas in your life that are causing your pain using the science that is GNM. Then you will be taken through his NeuroSomatic Release to help you calm your mind and body around these events. 

3. Free Follow Call

After your Breakthrough session there will be many moments of new insights and awareness. To help you integrate this new inner state and to help you answer any questions you will have the opportunity to book a free 20minute follow up call. 

*Please note, Jake reserves the right to not work with you if you are not the right fit. If this applies to you, you will automatically be refunded the full amount. These consultations DO NOT replace medical advice or treatment, they are for educational purposes only. 

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Words From Past Clients


"I’ve had back pain for a very very long time and to the extent that they actually wanted to operate on me. I think 5 years ago. I don’t have back pain today. I’m serious! I just don’t have it!"

"And yeah, I was a little skeptical about this, but that certainly changed within the first call! And then I put the work in practice, and achieved pain free. Well I’m sorry, there is no other way to explain it other than it’s just mind blowing and you have to experience it to understand it."


"Once I made the connection, the pain went straight away whereas in the past the pain would have lasted a few days."

"I woke up one morning with upper-neck pain and using the self-healing sequence I figured out it was to do with a client at work that I felt I had made a mistake with the day before and hoped the client didn’t realise, I kept thinking about it and replaying the situation in my head. A couple of months later the same upper neck pain came back and I realised I had seen that same client earlier that day and that they were fine. I then realised it had reminded me of feeling stupid about the “mistake”."


"Three weeks ago my knees started to experience pain (like they used to) and I’m doing the work getting curious around where I’m feeling stuck in life. So soon as I made the connection and changed the story guess what The knee pain shifted!!! You can’t make this stuff up! Too gooood."

"Three years I was suffering with this pain, which I have now cleared through jakes program, which is very exciting. So I’m now able to go for walks on the beach, I had actually stoped going to the beach because it was so difficult for me to walk on the sand."


"I completed your Pain-free program and I resolved my lower back pain I've had for 2 years and I was just blown away!"

"Also using the program I was able to help a friend with her hip pain! Amazing!!!! Thank you Jake"


There is not enough space on the internet for me to say all the things lol.  Just kidding.  So basically my body pain is entirely gone, and I mean entirely.  I was on the right path to healing my pain before, but now its legit gone! Random pains pop up here and there and I resolve them sometimes instantly with this new information you gave me.  I can now explain so many things in my own life, my kids lives and my family members.  I can't unsee it.  One of my highest values is knowledge and especially learning things that are outside the box and so this was next level for me.  I have a spark again, something to be excited about. 


"I'm Pain Free for the first time in nearly 6 years, so that's huge."

"But I've also gained the knowledge and ability on how to feel and process my emotions, whereas before I just stuffed them down. I also am more aware and present to what I'm actually feeling so that I can down-regulate to decrease my body's response."

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Your Mind Body Expert

"If you have tried everything to heal, this is the last consult you will need."

As a teenager Jake fractured his spine in multiple places playing Australian Rules Football. After this incident, he spent the next 2 years unable to play competitive sports. 

This injury prompted him to study chiropractic after he became interested in the body's natural ability to heal. Throughout his chiropractic career, Jake's old back injury would regularly flare up leaving him incapacitated. He was also very prone to other musculoskeletal injuries. 

The constant injuries is how he began his lifelong mission to understand what really causes pain. He knew that the answer was out there somewhere. This led him to try every therapy, supplement, diet, and rehab program under the sun! None of which provided the results he was looking for (at least for long).

The reason nothing worked for long is because he was looking at the problem of pain from a purely physical perspective. He had never really considered that emotional stress and trauma could be causing his pain. 

Until in 2014 he met one of his mentors William Hughes, who taught him about a fringe science called German New Medicine. In one brief chat, Will helped Jake to eliminate 6 months of groin pain just through talking!! 

Blown away, Jake has spent every moment since studying how the MIND affects the body, and more importantly, the roles of past stress and trauma on real physical pain (it's not all in your head).

Studying all kinds of mind-based modalities such as NLP, hypnotherapy, and breathwork, Jake was able to take the best bits of these approaches and create The NeuroSomatic Release, his signature method to help eliminate pain. 

Not only does he specialize in treating musculoskeletal pain, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain, but he also now teaches the NeuroSomatic Release to other practitioners off the back of its success. 

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