Release The Stored Stress From Your Mind & Body And Become Pain Free 

Experience the power of Chronic Pain Transformation Therapy and start to reset your overactive sympathetic nervous system so you can finally heal.

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How Your 1:1 Consult Works

Mind Body Masters Jake Currie

1. Book In Your Time 

To book your 1:1 consultation with Jake Currie, simply use the calendar below to find a time that works for you. You will need to allow 60-80 minutes for your consultation. (All times listed are in your local timezone)

Mind Body Masters Jake Currie

2. Complete Intake Survey

Upon selecting your time, you will be asked a series of questions relating to your chronic pain and stress. Your answers will help Jake expertly guide you on how to identify and release the stored stress impacting your mind and resulting in your chronic condition.

3. Virtual Session

In this personalized virtual session, Jake will help you to uncover the specific stressors in your life that are causing your high baseline stress. Then you will be taken through his Chronic Pain Transformation Therapy to help you calm your mind and body around these events. 

3. 1 week Voxer access

After your Breakthrough session there will be many moments of new insights and awareness. To help you integrate this new inner state and to help you answer any questions you will get 1 week of private Voxer access with me.

*Please note, Jake reserves the right to not work with you if you are not the right fit. If this applies to you, you will automatically be refunded the full amount. These consultations DO NOT replace medical advice or treatment, they are for educational purposes only. 

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