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You know those clients? The ones that NEVER get results no matter what you do?

These clients are your ticket to a wildly successful online business. 

The fact that you are here tells me that you pride yourself on getting great results for your clients. 

And you know your success in business depends ENTIRELY on your ability to help people. This is why it is so frustrating when you have that ONE type of client that doesn't get better no matter what you do! It can even make you question your abilities and knowledge as a professional. 

The frustration and doubt ends here with MBM Tribe. When you learn the sacred science of German New Medicine, all of a sudden you have an answer for those tricky clients as you master the mind body connection and truly understand the impact emotional stress has on the body.

Rise above the limitations of the traditional healthcare system and become a sought-after industry expert. 


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This 6 minute video will show you what is possible when you master the mind body connection and GNM.


Are You A Future Mind Body Leader? 

This certification program is for established coaches, consultants and practitioners who:

  • Are ready to become Future Mind Body Leaders
  • Know that dealing with stress/emotional trauma is missing from their business and limiting their growth
  • Want a deeper understanding of how stress and emotional trauma is impacting their clients both physically and emotionally
  • Who want to understand and implement the science of German New Medicine into their current business
  • Want to help their clients see and release their self sabotaging behaviours
  • Who want the proven tools to help their clients heal from chronic pain, fatigue, and other chronic health issues
  • Are ready to step up and have more impact in their business
  • Want to have the ability to perform online consultations from anywhere in the world and grow an online business
  • Are a broken healer themselves and want to heal themselves along the way
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Joining MBM Tribe Enables You To:

If you want more impact with your clients and the ability to grow your business this program is for you

  • Create a profitable and rewarding online business
  • Shift from brick and mortar to online within a few months
  • Have the skills to effectively help your clients heal both physically and emotionally
  • Teach and educate people on the importance of Mind-Body Connection and Stress
  • Understand the specific meaning of your client's symptoms using the science of German New Medicine
  • Quickly recognize your clients underlying patterns based on their childhood experience
  • Help your clients release stored trauma from their bodies in a safe and gentle way
  • Use and apply GNM principles.
  • Launch and grow a successful Mind Body-based Business. 
  • Implement this work into your current niche and become the industry expert
  • Become registered and have the ability to get insurance as a Psychosomatic Release practitioner in 27 countries*
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