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ADHD Workshop With Jake Currie

Learn how you can reduce the “lows” of ADHD without giving up your ADHD superpowers.

Who is this for?
High-performing adults dealing with diagnosed, or undiagnosed ADHD who want to get to the root of their symptoms. 

In this workshop, we will cover:

✔️ The links between ADHD and childhood adversity
✔️ Uncover the specific emotional links specifically linked to your ADHD 
✔️ How unresolved childhood adversity impacts you today as an adult

✔️ How you can reduce the lows and find more balance without giving up your superpowers
✔️ How to stop the cycle of shame and start accepting your ADHD brain
✔️ How to rewire your ADHD brain and become more balanced with my 3 step process: "Release", "Reset", "Reprogram"

What do you get?
1. Immediate Access to the 2 Hour Workshop replay
2. ADHD workbook which includes exercises to uncover the origins of your ADHD
3. One of my signature meditation audios to start your journey of releasing stored emotional stress and trauma. 

NOTE: This is NOT one of those live workshops poorly disguised as a long-ass sales pitch. I will be packing as much value into this workshop as humanly possible. This is a paid event, not a teaser.

When: Friday 23rd February 8am - 10am AEST Brisbane 
(Thurs 22nd 2pm - 4pm PST)
Replay available for immediate viewing

You will be redirected to the workshop. There will be a workbook for you to go through on the day.