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Healing Audios

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool when used daily. The Healing Audio Library by Jake Currie is encouraged to promote healing on many levels. We have bundled our best audio programs and single audios for you to have access to.

The bundle includes:

1. 21 Day Pain Audio Program (includes 10 specific video trainings - Pain in Your Brain, Mind Body Origins, Feel to Heal, Stop The Spiral, The Four F's, Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic, Nocebo, Handling Flare-Ups, Reprogramming Your Mind ) - Value $497

2. 30 Day From Your Head To Your Heart Audio Program - Value $197

3. Miscellaneous Audios for Inner Child, Letting Go and Weightloss including: 

  • Walking In Your Power Meditation
  • Heart Coherence Meditation 17 mins
  • Letting Go Audio
  • Inner Child Meditation
  • Finding Your Centre - Heart Coherence
  • Make Peace with Your Parents
  • Weight Loss Audio - Value $97

You will gain access to all audio files as soon as you complete your purchase. You will be able to view them via desktop or mobile device to play infinite times. 

Total Value $791


What People Are Saying: 

Three weeks ago my knees started to experience pain (like they used to) and I’m doing the work getting curious around where I’m feeling stuck in life. So soon as I made the connection and changed the story guess what The knee pain shifted!!! You can’t make this stuff up! Too gooood. Three years I was suffering with this pain, which I have now cleared through jakes program, which is very exciting. So I’m now able to go for walks on the beach, I had actually stopped going to the beach because it was so difficult for me to walk on the sand.

Leashia - Mum

Thank you so much for such a beautiful meditation. My healing has begun. I can't thank you enough.

Karen Green

I was hopeful this might help, but never thought in just 20 minutes, the PTSD I've been holding onto for two years could melt away so easily. This is such a gift. Thank you!


What People Are Saying:

Very relaxing thank you. I like all your meditations. I have chronic pain and I find that all rewiring of the brain meditations very helpful

Karen G

Wow. That was one of the most powerful meditative experiences I've ever had. Thank you

Amy H