The 21-Day Chronic Pain Rewire


Rewire your brain and heal from chronic pain and fibromyalgia in just 21 days.

✔️ 10 Video lessons to help you understand your pain and your brain
(Pain in Your Brain, Mind Body Origins, Feel to Heal, Stop The Spiral, The Four F's, Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic, Nocebo, Handling Flare-Ups, Reprogramming Your Mind)

✔️ 20 daily hypnotherapy/meditation audio processes designed specifically to rewire your brain
✔️ Repeat the 21-Day Program as many times as you like
✔️ Lifetime, 24/7 access
✔️ 14-Day money back guarantee 
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Your Exclusive Bonus: 

✔️ BONUS #1: Access to my Mind Body Guide to discover the specific stress connections for your personal chronic pain (worth $197)


What People Are Saying: 

Very relaxing Thank you. I like all your meditations. I have chronic pain and I find that rewiring of the brain meditations very helpful!.

Karen Green

I was hopeful this might help, but never thought in just 20 minutes, the PTSD I've been holding onto for two years could melt away so easily. This is such a gift. Thank you!


Three weeks ago my knees started to experience pain (like they used to) and I’m doing the work getting curious around where I’m feeling stuck in life. So soon as I made the connection and changed the story guess what The knee pain shifted!!! You can’t make this stuff up! Too gooood. Three years I was suffering with this pain, which I have now cleared through jakes program, which is very exciting. So I’m now able to go for walks on the beach, I had actually stopped going to the beach because it was so difficult for me to walk on the sand.

Leashia - Mum

I completed your Pain-free program and I resolved my lower back pain I've had for 2 years and I was just blown away! Also using the program I was able to help a friend with her hip pain! Amazing!!!! Thank you Jake


The thousands of dollars I have spent over the years on Physio and massages are now a thing of the past.

Jayne G

Wow. That was one of the most powerful meditative experiences I've ever had. Thank you.

Amy Hickerson

Thank you so much for such a beautiful meditation. My healing has begun. I can't thank you enough.


Jake Currie is incredible at what he does. With his help I was able to gain an understanding of my injuries that was more than just the physical. I'll now always continue to use the tools he continues to teach me to better deal with and manage injuries and be pain free.

Ben Newland - Professional Crossfit Athlete

I completed the course and it was truly like nothing I've ever done before. It was phenomenal. I have dealt with chronic pain most of my life, at least the last 20 years. And through what Jake was teaching, I have been able to shift and for the most part heal all of my pain. You know, I've joined all the courses, invested in all the fads, um, tried all the food changes and nothing really shifted for me. And I actually, to be honest, it was very defeating to keep trying and trying and not see results. And through what Jake was teaching, I was able to eliminate pretty much all of my chronic pain. I'm not making that up. It's crazy. I know.

Jen K - Dentist

Doctors. Specialists. Lab work. Supplements. Massages. An alphabet soup of therapies. You name it, I tried it in an attempt to heal from years of musculoskeletal pain. I spent thousands of dollars chasing someone or something to cure me. The thing was... none of it worked. Nothing shifted until Jake taught me about the emotional connection to physical pain in my body. The part I was resisting with all of my might was the very thing that allowed me to finally begin to heal. Once Jake helped me to identify patterns and release the emotions that triggered the pain, my body responded, and I felt such amazing relief almost instantly.

Brittany Bohach - OT

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