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30 Days From Your Head to Your Heart

Get access to my 30 Day Audio program which includes a mixture of daily hypnosis audios, meditation and journalling exercises designed to get you our of HEAD and into your HEART. (Normally $197)

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Letting Go Self Hypnosis

Are you having trouble letting go of old emotional events or pains? Often when we experience events in the past and we do not let ourselves experience them, they stay stuck in your body, leaving you feeling stressed, sad, frustrated, or self-sabotaging. 

This old emotional baggage often leaves you triggered in the present moment. Being able to safely FEEL and then let go of the emotional baggage is crucial for moving on. 

This is a guided self hypnosis created by Jake Currie is going to allow you to first connect and FEEL the old emotional baggage, and then safely let it go so you can heal. 

What's included?

30-minute audio to help you let go of old emotional energy that is keeping you stuck and in pain. 

Once purchased you will gain instant access to the audios. You can download the files onto your computer, laptop or phone for a lifetime of access.