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30 Days From Your Head to Your Heart

Get access to my 30 Day Audio program which includes a mixture of daily hypnosis audios, meditation and journalling exercises designed to get you our of HEAD and into your HEART. (Normally $197)

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Heart Coherence Meditation

Heart Coherence is a true state of presence that many spiritual masters point to. The heart has always held a sacred and powerful place among many ancient cultures. And you know what? As humans we can CONSCIOUSLY influence our own internal state, we can change our frequency at will! You are no longer a victim of your circumstance, far from it. You are a powerful creator! 

Using a gentle nasal breathing technique, in for approx 6 and out for 6 (go with what feels right for you) you can start to tap into your body's natural ability to heal itself. 

The only way to move through old emotional pain and stored trauma is to first process the energy, then secondly is to consciously create a feeling of a SAFE NERVOUS SYSTEM. This audio is designed to help calm your nervous system right down! Once that sense of safety and presence is achieved, you are able to choose how you feel, choose your frequency. By tapping into the feeling of gratitude and joy, wonderous things start to happen. 

Beyond that, when you repeat this process daily and are able to carry the feeling with you throughout the day, neurologically you are creating change in your brain. The old patterns start to dissolve away, effortlessly. So do this meditation daily (or not) and allow yourself to find that FEELING that FREQUENCY of joy, abundance, happiness, or whatever you choose, then carry it with you wherever you go. 

You can heal yourself, you can overcome old patterns, you can consciously create easily. It all starts from the inside out. This audio is your guide, 

What's included?

This heart coherence meditation is a guided 15-minute audio.

Once purchased you will gain instant access to the audios. You can download the files onto your computer, laptop or phone for a lifetime of access.