The Mind Body Masters Pain Eliminator program

We help overachievers eliminate pain without being afraid of future flare ups. The program teaches you the Self Healing System, everything you need to tap into your subconscious mind, clear your old emotional baggage, and develop the ability to heal yourself from the inside out.

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Words from just a few of our MBM students

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Are you ready to learn how to heal yourself? 

Chances are if you are reading this, you have tried everything to heal. Every supplement, therapy, the works. I am here to tell you, that all of those things are great, but unless you resolve your underlying emotional issues, you will continue to experience unexplained pain and problems.

In the Mind Body Masters Program I not only give you in the information you need to heal, but walk you through the process of self healing. Providing personalized coaching and support to unlock the root cause of your physical issues. Numbers for this program are strictly capped to maintain a great space. 

Resolving emotional conflicts not only allows you to heal chronic pain and conditions but also to overcome the self-sabotaging patterns that have kept you stuck.

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 Our Founding Members experiences

I didn’t think I would gain such a profound understanding of our bodies abilities. It keeps blowing my mind. I also wasn’t aware how much this would literally change everything for me, for my son FOREVER. I really can’t express how much I have been energetically drawn to this group. It feels like it is the final missing link for me.

- Founding Member

Prior to MBM I had multiple chronic overuse injuries, mostly in my feet, and I felt like I'd tried all the "traditional" things like physical therapy, or even the more alternative things like energy healing and nothing had worked.


I've found the cause of some of the issues, started to move through them, and no longer feel like they're their because there's something wrong. I have hope now, and also I know some specific actions that I can take in my life that I previously thought were unrelated to my physical symptoms. It's empowering because I have clarity.

- Founding Member

I expected to learn about GNM, my conflicts, how to work through them etc. but I didn't expect to join a group of caring, supportive people led by a knowledgeable encourager who helped me have the courage to walk through a dark time with a hard past into a new way of thinking and being.

- Founding Member

There is not enough space on the internet for me to say all the things lol.  Just kidding.  So basically my body pain is entirely gone, and I mean entirely.  I was on the right path to healing my pain before, but now its legit gone! Random pains pop up here and there and I resolve them sometimes instantly with this new information you gave me.  I can now explain so many things in my own life, my kids lives and my family members.  I can't unsee it.  One of my highest values is knowledge and especially learning things that are outside the box and so this was next level for me.  I have a spark again, something to be excited about.  I don't have any hobbies, understanding GNM has become my new favourite hobby! 


I processed the causes of my feet pain which I've had since I was a child.  I resolved the wrist pain that I noticed every time I did pushups.  it is gone! I did pushups last weekend with no pain at all, that shit is insane!!

This leads me to my next biggest life change.  I have not been able to bring myself to workout in 7 years.  I hated working out, the pain was too much after and was just not worth it for me.  Since healing all my self-devaluation pain in these last 6 weeks, I've gotten a spark back for exercise! I did full-body workouts this past weekend.  My muscles hurt like a bitch right now but I'm not afraid of it, I'm actually excited and celebrating the pain because my body is amazing.  I look forward to it healing so I can do it again.  If you knew me you would know that this is HUGE!!


In addition to that, my marriage has improved on so many levels since joining.  I no longer spend all my energy on fixing myself or my fear of pain.  My excitement for GNM and letting go of my fear of pain has opened up so much space for my relationship with my hubby and even my kids.  I never would have expected that when I joined.  I can't thank you enough for that.  

All of the other content you presented outside of GNM specifically has made a huge impact in how I view myself and the world and has allowed me to let go of the things I was holding on to that do not serve me.

I've let go of shame entirely.  Even just last night you helped me to let go of my mom-guilt.  The group of people in the room are also so amazing and connecting with them was a huge part of my ability to let it go. 

- Founding Member

During MBM I’ve identified multiple DHSs that have helped me to resolve many of my physical symptoms: a rash, thumb pain, menstrual pain, knee/back pain, widespread pain. It’s all my body communicating with me about how I need to heal!

- Founding Member

It has changed how I speak to myself and how I parent. I have so many tools I can go to now in any moment. Not just one tool for everything either, so many different options for what suits my situation or how I am feeling. That is brilliant. Jake delivered above and beyond.

- Founding Member

I have learned to love myself and my body more. I am more patient when I feel symptoms in my body. It’s no longer “ugh a symptom, what’s wrong with me?!” It’s now shifted to curiosity - “Hmm Im noticing body is HEALING, I wonder what from” I’m learning to allow emotions to come up and move through me, instead of identifying with the emotion and letting it consume me.

- Founding Member

I speak to my body in a completely different way. I feel like a detective but not in a stressful way. In a curious way of finding out what is going on, being so kind to my body.

- Founding Member

Heal Your Mind And Your Body Will Follow

Most traditional methods and techniques to get you out of pain fail, because they focus on the symptoms, not the cause. The Mind Body Masters program is going to teach you how to resolve the real cause, your emotional 'baggage' so that you can finally get the results you know are possible.

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