Mind Body Masters

MBM Practitioners Program 

Become a Mind Body Master Practitioner today and learn to implement German New Medicine into your business for greater success with your clients.

Whether you are a coach, a chiropractor, a hypnotist, or a massage therapist the most effective way to grow your business is by helping your clients get great results. 

Without this one ingredient, your business will be a struggle. 

For those patients that 'nothing has worked' GNM offers a new perspective to the origins of their problem, and guides you to find the root emotional cause making healing a breeze. 

Or for those clients who are 'stuck' and getting in their own way, GNM provides insights into their emotional blocks.

Every symptom a person experiences a unique insight into their mind and psyche. GNM gives you the ability to learn the meaning of these symptoms and be able to help your clients heal both physically and emotionally. 

After running a successful chiropractic practice, as well as an online consulting business Jake Currie knows how to implement this work for great client success. 

If you want to incorporate GNM into your business (or create a business) this mentorship program is designed to help you make this transition seamlessly. 

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GNM Practitioners Program Recordings 

Self Paced Course

May 2020 cohort 

GNM Practitioners Program (recordings)

$750 USD

This self paced program is the missing link you have been looking for in practice, and you can use it alongside your current methods.

What you'll get:

  • 16 Lectures On The Science Of German New Medicine
  • Understand how GNM was discovered
  • Learn about the biological conflicts associated with pain
  • Learn how to start helping your patients or clients with this work
  • Weekly case studies 

Please note: This is a self paced program, with the recording from the GNM practitioners Live course in May 2020. 

If you would like support with this course, please get in contact for further options or to see when the next intake will be.

For reference, the Live GNM Practitioners program is a 6 weeks intensive course with full support at $2,000 USD.

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The Pain Free Process

(Self-paced course)

This step-by-step 13 video course is your introduction to the science of how unresolved emotional baggage is the REAL cause of physical pain.  All this so you can heal yourself without spending thousands of dollars on constant physical therapy and supplements.

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Mind Body Masters™ Program

My signature immersive and transformative 6-week group coaching program to help you understand your mind-body connection, resolve your old emotional baggage, and ditch the stress so you can heal from the inside out and live a healthy inspired life. 

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1:1 Coaching

Discover the emotional stressors in your life that are causing your physical symptoms. In this 1:1 session Jake will help you to uncover the specific stressors in your mind that are causing your symptoms, and coach you to see these events from a new perspective so you can heal from the inside out. 

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