Identify Your 6-Figure Business Model

You are likely sitting on a goldmine premium model but just don't realize it yet. In this FREE 1:1 session, Jake will audit your current business, your strengths, and your passions in order to help you identify your premium niche and find a business model that helps you have IMPACT and INCOME without sacrificing your TIME. 

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I had an amazing power call with Jake to really dial in on what my “niche” is moving forward with my business - it was truly mind blowing. I never knew what it meant to have a niche and why it was important for my brand story or messaging to the world. I have felt like I have been “shouldering” my way around, no direction or clarity. During my session with Jake, we really chunked down and identified the patterns, conflicts, and commonalities for my ultimate dream clients I want to work with. It was an eye opening and empowering process as it revealed my own personal journey and struggles, finding my own voice. My message. My niche. Thank you Jake and for creating the Mind Body Masters kick-ass program!

- Dr Lisa Keen (ND)