Master The Mind Body Connection So You Can Develop A Competitive Advantage In Your Healthcare Practice Or Coaching Business

Imagine being able to charge more and work less, while at the same time regaining the passion for your mission. That is what becomes possible when you master the mind body connection.

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Get Phenomenal Client Results

Get to the root cause of your client's physical symptoms. Help those clients that no one has been able to help before.

Charge More, Work Less

Improved client results means more confidence in business and increased client referrals. 

Freedom To Work Online

Being able to work with the Mind-Body connection gives you a tool to help clients online. 

Understand Your Body

If you are dealing with conditions that won't shift, start getting answers for yourself.

Get Amazing Client Results

Grow Your Business

Work With Clients Online

Understand Your Own Body

The World Is Waking Up To How Emotional Trauma & Stress Impact The Body

Which poses the question, how are you going to respond? 

Your success (or failure) as a practitioner or coach is determined by 1 thing...

Client results.

If you can consistently help people to heal, your practice will naturally grow, and new clients will be attracted to you regardless of your profession.

Yet, with INCONSISTENT client results, your business will be a constant struggle.

I am sure you are great at what you do, but I bet there are some people that do not improve no matter what you try, right?

The reason these frustrating clients do not get better is due to the unresolved emotional trauma or stress manifesting in their body. 

The fact you are here tells me you already know this. 

But what you do not know *yet* is HOW to help them heal.

You are not alone, more and more practitioners are becoming aware that stress and trauma are limiting their client results, but most do not know where to start?

Even if you have a rough idea, it can seem like a daunting task to help people heal from the effects of stress & emotional trauma, which is why most practitioners find it easier to turn a blind eye to the emotional side of dis-ease and keep doing what they have done for years.


But it is 2022, if you want to get the phenomenal client results that grow your business it is not enough to simply focus on what you already do well.

Today more than ever, you need to be able to skillfully address the mind-body cause of your client's symptoms so that you can help these ‘tricky clients’ heal when everyone else has failed.

You need to be able to do so in a way that is simple and does not distract from your current profession.

As I said, if mastering the mind-body cause of dis-ease seems daunting to you, it is only because you do not have the knowledge or a system to implement the work.

Until now…

The Mind Body Masters 8-Week Practitioners Program is here to give you the foundational knowledge of how stress & trauma impact the body (GNM), as well as the proven SYSTEM to apply this knowledge with your clients to get quick and life-changing results.

This program and system have helped countless practitioners from all over the world finally have the confidence to address the emotional cause of dis-ease which has allowed them to help those clients who previously kept them up at night and to grow their businesses in ways they never thought possible.

Additionally, this work has helped hundreds of people who were struggling with various health conditions to finally heal!

So right now you have a choice...

You can choose to be like the majority of practitioners and coaches who want to play it safe and ignore the impacts that stress and trauma have on the body.

Or you can step up, and allow yourself to get uncomfortable as you learn something new, and commit yourself to Mastering the Mind Body Connection.

This is a journey not every practitioner is ready to take, but those who do have the courage to make this leap develop the skills to help people truly heal at a whole new level. Their client results have allowed them to have the certainty their business will be successful no matter what is happening in the world

If you are one of the healthcare experts who see health differently and have the courage to make this change, you will be supported at every stage of your journey to becoming a Mind-Body Master.

Now more than ever, your clients NEED YOU. 

Are you going to step up for them?

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"Learning GNM has allowed me to move my business entirely online and help the clients I never could before!"

The reason I was drawn to this work was twofold, firstly, I had ongoing hip and back pain that didn't get better no matter what I did, and secondly, I had plenty of clients that didn't improve under my care. As a chiropractor it was incredibly frustrating to not have the answers for myself and my clients. After doing a session with Jake my constant lower back pain completely resolved (this was 2 years ago and it hasn't returned), this made me realise GNM was the missing link in practice! Since then I have been learning GNM with Jake, and how to apply it with my clients. Learning GNM has allowed me to move my business entirely online and help the clients I never could before. If you are thinking there must be more out there, this program is for you!


Dr Laura Harding - Retired Chiropractor & Mind-Body Expert

Do You See Things Differently?

This 8-week coaching program is for healthcare practitioners and health coaches who are tired of the limitations of traditional healing modalities.

  • Are you tired of dealing with a few complicated clients that don't improve?
  • Do you feel like you are missing something with your clients?
  • Want a deeper understanding of how stress and emotional trauma is impacting your clients both physically and emotionally?
  • Are you ready to start understanding and implementing the science of German New Medicine with what you are already doing?
  • Do you want a proven tool to help clients heal from chronic pain, fatigue, and other chronic health issues?
  • Are you ready to step up and have more impact in your business?
  • Do you want to have the ability to perform online consultations?


If so, The Mind Body Masters 8-Week Program is for YOU!


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"This [program] has allowed me to expand my business in a way I never thought possible"

"I have had the honor of learning GNM from Jake. But I have learned way more than I ever imagined. I have learned how to be a better communicator with my clients, I have learned how to read/understand what people have been through with just a simple conversation, and I have learned how to see health conditions in a completely different way. This has allowed me to expand my business in a way I never thought possible and be able to serve people I feel truly called to serve! I cannot thank Jake enough for guiding me on this journey and equipping me with so many valuable resources."


Dr Liz Homan - Paediatric Chiropractor

Want to be certain the MBM 8-week practitioners program is for you?

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Don't Get Left Behind As The Mind-Body Becomes Mainstream

More and more people are waking up to the fact that the MIND affects the BODY and they are actively seeking out practitioners who can help them. Become a leader in the Mind-Body space and become a sought-after specialist.

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